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When you schedule a class you understand and agree to the following terms:

1. There are NO REFUNDS

2. You are not able to transfer payments towards other classes or for someone else

3. If you are unable to attend class we will reschedule you.

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CNA Training

Our program will train and help students to successfully take and pass the Florida Certified Nurse Assistant exam with one on one skills and written preparation. Our class size is never more than 2 students which gives everyone the opportunity to perform each skill at their pace and to their comfort. Upon completion students are encouraged to sign up for our job placement program.

Phlebotomy Certification

This course is intended to develop knowledge of phlebotomy as well as practical training with our phlebotomy training devices. Some course topics include: Phlebotomy role in healthcare, anatomy and Physiology of the circulatory system, safety precautions, OSHA’s needle stick injury precautions, Infection Control, various Phlebotomy equipment, Phlebotomy techniques, specimen identification and handling, Venipuncture in Pediatrics, finger-stick puncture.

All practices are done on manikin arms and NOT each other.

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Basic EKG

This course will increase your confidence and is desired by those who find rhythm interpretation a challenge?

This course is also appropriate prior to the ACLS course for those who are “EKG shy” and require a thorough refresher.

Our expert instructors provide the latest in medical education technology utilizing PowerPoint presentations to give you the skills to interpret basic dysrhythmias.

We will also review the electrical conduction of the heart as well as its anatomy and physiology.

Medication Administration

This course is prepared to train unlicensed staff who are working through the Agency for Persons with Disabilities to supervise clients who are self administering medications or to administer medication to clients of APD who have been determined by their primary care practitioner (PCP) to require this service.

This medication administration course must be taught by an APD approved trainer using an APD provided or approved training course


Behavioral Health Tech

The BHT credential is for people who assist primary counselors and therapeutic staff by providing clinical support services to adults or children who are receiving treatment for substance use and/or mental health conditions in residential programs, in-patient settings or community based programs.

CPR - First Aid - HIV 

We work with you to come up with the very best solutions for your challenges!

American Heart Association BLS.                American Health and Safety CPR AED

American Health and Safety First Aid.        American Health and Safety HIV/BBP

Class starts between 9:30 and no later than 12pm
Same day certification for CPR/AED - First Aid - HIV

Classes are available Monday - Thursday 
No appointment needed

Do all 3 and receive 30% off
(CPR/AED - First Aid - HIV)

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