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computer POLICY

Fort Pierce Training Center Computer Usage Policy



1. Introduction


The use of computers and the internet at Fort Pierce Training Center (FPTC) is essential to support the academic and administrative activities of the institution. This policy outlines the responsible and ethical use of FPTC's computing resources to ensure a secure and productive environment for all users.


2. Acceptable Use


Users are expected to:

- Use computing resources primarily for academic and administrative purposes.

- Adhere to ethical practices and respect the rights of others.

- Maintain the security and integrity of FPTC’s computer systems, networks, and data.

- Respect intellectual property rights and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


3. Prohibited Activities


The following activities are strictly prohibited:

- Unauthorized access to, use of, or interference with computer systems, networks, and data.

- Engaging in activities that compromise the security or accessibility of computing resources.

- Plagiarism or unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials.

- Installing, using, or distributing software or files in violation of licensing agreements.

- Using computing resources for personal commercial gain, political activities, or any other non-institutional purposes.

- Accessing, creating, or distributing offensive, obscene, or inappropriate content.


4. Security and Monitoring


- Security Measures: Users must take appropriate measures to safeguard their accounts, passwords, and data. This includes logging out of systems when not in use and reporting any suspicious activities or security breaches to the IT department.

- Monitoring: FPTC reserves the right to monitor and regulate internet usage to ensure compliance with this policy. This includes tracking usage patterns and accessing stored data if necessary.


5. Intellectual Property


Users must:

- Respect the intellectual property rights of others.

- Not engage in any form of plagiarism.

- Obtain proper authorization before copying, modifying, or distributing copyrighted materials.


6. Consequences of Violations


Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary actions, including but not limited to:

- Suspension or revocation of computer and internet privileges.

- Academic penalties, such as failing grades or expulsion from programs.

- Legal action, including civil or criminal prosecution.


7. Acknowledgment and Acceptance


By utilizing FPTC’s computing resources, users acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of this Computer Usage Policy. Compliance with these guidelines is mandatory for all users, including students, faculty, and staff.


8. Policy Changes


FPTC reserves the right to update or modify this policy as necessary. Users will be notified of any significant changes through official communication channels.


9. Contact Information


For questions or concerns regarding this Computer Usage Policy, please contact:


Fort Pierce Training Center

(772) 828-2208


Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a secure and productive academic environment.

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