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Refund Policy

At Fort Pierce Training Center (FPTC), we strive to provide the highest quality training and educational services. To ensure clarity and fairness for all students, we have established the following refund policy:


1. Non-Refundable Fees

All registration and class fees paid to Fort Pierce Training Center are NON-REFUNDABLE. This policy applies to all programs, courses, and training sessions offered by FPTC. 


2. Non-Transferable Fees

Registration and class fees are also NON-TRANSFERABLE to another party or program. This means that fees paid for a specific program or class cannot be transferred to another person, course, or program within FPTC.


3. Policy Rationale

This policy is in place to:

- Ensure commitment and accountability from students.

- Facilitate proper planning and allocation of resources.

- Maintain the quality and consistency of our programs.


4. Exceptions

Exceptions to this policy are rare and are considered on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions may be made for the following reasons:

- **Medical Emergencies**: If you are unable to attend due to a medical emergency, you must provide valid documentation from a healthcare provider.

- **Military Deployment**: If you are called to active military duty, you must provide a copy of your deployment orders.


Requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing to the FPTC administration at, within 10 business days of the start date of the program or class. Approval of such requests is at the sole discretion of FPTC administration.


5. Fraudulent Chargebacks:

Initiating a chargeback for services or products that were received and as described is considered fraud. We will pursue all available legal avenues to address fraudulent chargebacks, including reporting the incident to credit bureaus and law enforcement agencies.

6. Florida Statutes on Chargeback Fraud:

Under Florida law, initiating a chargeback for services or products that were received and as described is considered fraudulent. Florida Statute 817.61 addresses credit card fraud, stating that any person who uses a credit card with intent to defraud commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in Florida Statute 775.082, 775.083, or 775.084.

Additionally, per Florida Statute 772.11, any person who proves by clear and convincing evidence that they have been injured by reason of fraud is entitled to threefold the actual damages sustained and may also recover reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs.

7. Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding this refund policy, please contact:

Fort Pierce Training Center

(772) 828-2208


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this policy. Thank you for choosing Fort Pierce Training Center for your educational and training needs.

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